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Create your own Pop Art masterpieces in the famous Andy Warhol Style
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13 March 2007

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Renowned American painter and artist Andy Warhol was an immensely popular figure at his time and had an amazingly successful career as a commercial illustrator and was a celebrated figure in the field of Pop Art. This particular art form emerged in the mid 1900s in Britain and was especially characterized by themes extracted from the mass culture like comic books and advertisements. This art form is pretty abstract and difficult to comprehend and took its inspiration from commercial advertising. Since computer systems have made it extremely simple to carry forward any process and reduce manual effort, the creation of the Pop Art with computer application has been made possible with Pop Art Studio 2.0 which promises effective performance along with enhanced imagery.

Pop Art Studio opens with a neat looking interface with the chief options placed at the top panel with varied tools to create coloured images placed in the form of bright icons. The user can create their own artistic masterpieces in the Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein Style and apply various effects appositely. Furthermore, the software provides exclusive drawing tools along with gradients and colour adjustment tools along with text editing tools that can assist in creation of infinite unique Pop Art images. Moreover, the key features include collage making, batch image processing tools, multiple layers and other shape background tools to create stunning art forms. Furthermore, the user can also create number of other illustrations and textures to be used variedly in icon making, logos and even computer animations.

To sum up, Pop Art Studio earns impressive rankings owing to the powerful performance and creative scope it offers to the user and hence gets a rating score of 4.5 points for its vibrant usage and vivid functionalities.

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Create your own Pop Art masterpieces in the famous Andy Warhol Style.
Pop Art Studio contains many Andy Warhol effects and the famous Roy Lichtenstein effect. It provides an endless selection of drawing tools, filters, gradients and color adjustment capabilities. This version also contains many useful text editing capabilities and a shape-background tool to create an unlimited number of unique Pop Art images.
!!Pop Art Studio
!!Pop Art Studio
Version 2.0
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